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Post Newsroom reacts to Sally Buzbee’s exit

by Lily Chang
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According to a recording obtained by the New York Times, one of the Washington Post’s political stars, Ashley Parker, asked how the paper had arrived at its decision, adding that a skeptical interpretation might be that Mr. Lewis was simply hiring his associates to help him manage the post office.

Mr. Lewis is in many ways orchestrating a reunion with the people he worked with in the early chapters of his career. As publisher of the Wall Street Journal, he appointed Murray to the paper’s top editorial position in 2018. And he worked with Winnett for years, first at the Sunday Times and then at the Telegraph.

“When you were here before, you talked very movingly about how you care about diversity — and people talk about diversity — but then when push comes to shove, they say, ‘Well, I looked around and I couldn’t find anyone ,'” Ms. Parker said.

In response, Murray said diversity will be an “ongoing commitment” at the Post, adding that he had “the most diverse masthead the Journal has ever had” during his years as managing editor of the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Murray wasted no time in familiarizing himself with the Post’s editorial team. On Monday he began holding meetings in Ms. Buzbee’s old office on the seventh floor, hours after his sudden departure. His nametag has already been removed.

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